I have the firewall above..

recently update it's OS software to 10.2.6/7

The box seemed to have worked well for 2+years, now the loading of webpages
is glacial slow..

you can watch the items paint the screen and the wating for message at the
bottom of the browser is alway waiting for something...

Sites even time out and not display

I can not figure the problem.

In isolation testing, I finally swapped in a linksys router WRT54G2. Now
webpages are blazingly fasting and I do not see any of the problems when I
swap in the Firebox.. I know the router is not as safe as firewall (given a
proper setup), but the firebox is about to be tanked as it is making my use
of the external internet almost useless.

I ran a sonicwall SOHO for years before the firebox (only tried routers like
the linksys for testing and helping relative and friends who will never do a
firewall and would simply connect their windows comptuer to direct to the
cable modem without some encouragement.. At least they get a bit better
isolation with the router that direct connect of their PC's...

anyway -- not to debate all that.. does anyone have a similar problem with a
watchguard firebox X edge box -- Solutions.. suggestions for a replacement
that does slow things down to useless levels..