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>> Linksys's Support personnel struck out on this, but here goes:
>> I have a Linksys wireless router, model no. WRT54GS, v.7.
>> I have a desktop, a laptop, and a printer connected to the router
>> via cat 5 cables running10Mb Ethernet. The router also connects
>> to a cable modem via cat 6 cable running 10Mb Ethernet. I want
>> to move the router, desktop, laptop, and printer upstairs in my condo.
>> The cable modem must remain downstairs where the coaxial cable
>> terminates because of difficulties in running a cable upstairs. (Please
>> just believe me.)

I believe ya, dude.

>> The problem is how to link the cable modem to
>> the router by wirelessly simulating an Ethernet cable.

Why can't you just hook a wireless router up to the modem with Cat5
(Most have wired connections as well as wireless) and get a wireless
card for your PCs? You wouldn't have to run any wire, and any
additional investment would be minimal.