On Thu, 08 Jan 2009 18:27:30 -0500, Fosco_Bleecker-Baggins@shire.com

>>I have Comcast, have for many years now, and have never experienced
>>throttling. I up and sownload several cd's worth of data every month
>>and have no problems. I can almost always get the 6mb and the boost up
>>to 12, or 16 or whatever, from most sites over a large downlaod. Now
>>there are some sites I can not get over 2 or 3mb! But that is the same
>>on my friends FIOS too. I used to use giganews, comcasts news server,
>>I have been thru several. I now use EasyNews for all my newsgroup
>>stuff, yes it is a pay for use service, but I can up and download with
>>no throttling at all. I use EasyNews because of the retention and the
>>small amount I have to pay to get it. EasyNews does limit its
>>uploading to 200 posts in a 24 hour period, but that is not a problem
>>for me.

>it depends on how much you download per month, or at least it did.
>if all you downloaded in a month was several cd's, let's say about 3
>gigabytes per month, with a 250gigabyte cap, comcast wouldn't throttle
>you because your d/l is really small. i have been downloading from
>giga,newscene,apn and a few more i forgot for about 10 years now and
>of course up until comcast sent out their throtte email last month, i
>was never throttled at all and use to pull down binaries at about 2.2
>you get throttled when comcast looks in your direction and thinks your
>downlaoding has become too large for their taste, although dsl reports
>said that comcast now has a full time throttling algorithm in place,
>but I don't know how accurate the report is. It seems that comcast
>used to keep you throttled, if they had ever throttled you. I am using
>'you' metaphorically. please, just because you have not experienced
>something does not mean it doesn't exist, it jus means that you have
>not experienced it.

ACTUALLY I do not and will not get throttled by Comcast, at least not
yet! I have their Business Class Service which means NO bandwidth caps
and NO throttling. I have only had it for a couple of years now and
have never experienced bandwidth throttling prior to having it. I am
now bowing out of this conversation as I have no more relevant data to
provide. Thanks for the conversations.