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Thread: openwrt and eduroam

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    openwrt and eduroam

    I have buffalo wbr2-g54 with kamikaze 8.09 on it.

    I would like to connect to eduroam (at student dorm) with my router in
    the way I do now with desktop computer, and then use the router as
    wireless ap.
    it requires 802.1x auth.

    I've managed to localy install wpa_supplicant on kamikaze.
    but don't know what to do next.
    Is there some tutorial for kamikaze to do this?

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    Jonas Schorten

    Re: openwrt and eduroam


    > Is there some tutorial for kamikaze to do this?

    I'm also struggling with eduroam's 802.1x auth and found

    but haven't had the chance to test it yet.
    Maybe you are willing to give it a try - please post your experiences
    back here.

    Best regards



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