Our company has bought Linksys "RV082 VPN Router", we need littlebit
technical advisory from you:

Scenario: we have small office with some Windows Vista computers and
Windows 2003 server. We want to use Linksys router so that our
employees can
use our server and computers from home via VPN, mainly those client
computers are Windows Vista laptops... The router is on a static ip
and it
goes directly as bridged to the router after ADSL... So the router
does have
the static ip.

Problems: We've been trying to make these connection using several
but no luck. Here is what we have tryed:

1) We installed the latest firmware onto the router

2) We updated the latest QuickVPN program (version 1039) but it
doesn't make
connection, the connection doesn't even show up onto the routers log.

3) We made sure that there is no firewall programs on at the client

4) If we use Vistas own VPN tool to make the connection we can see it
at the
routers log but these attemps fail onto the "authentication error". We
different methods and setups but couldn't find the correct one - this
howerer has been most promising workout.

5) We can ping onto the router from client and it shows up on routers

6) We have made VPN group and users with "preshared key" as an simply
password phrase and used that phrase on the client computers setups...

7) I tryed to make VPN connection with XP computer with XP's own VPN
but that ends up also onto the "authentication error".

8) I also made a change onto the Vista computers registry wich should
obto the VPN connection over NAT (dword value 2) but it didn't seem to
any difference.

We have followed the instructions on the manual, at the internet and
Microsoft web pages about Vista and VPN setup...

Error 800 is what I've got with WindowsXP. We can make a connection
PPTP option but we don't want to have that because we need in future
to have
many users using VPN on the router like it can do and the PPTP option
have only few connections if I'm understood right?

If you have any step-by-step instructions for us to follow or you are
to give us some other help, we would appreciate it a lot! We need more
routers in future on our business also. Do you have any support in
Finland -
for example phone support?