I have two routers, The first (1) is connected to the cable modem.
doing dhcp. []

The second router (2) is connected via the wan port to a lan port on
(1) and its ip is [] Again doing dhcp.

I want to get at the web interface of 2 from my computer on 1. I cant
seem to do this.
I have opened the wan port on 2. But when I try by using i get nothing. (router 2 is using tomato software)
What am I doing wrong. Both nets can surf the web happily. I can
access the web interface of router 1 from 2 but not 2 to 1.

I understand why you cant get at computers from 2 but again if I have
the web admin open on the wan port of 2 I should be able to access it
cause its just like opening the admin to the internet, which is what
you would normally do if you wanted to access it from the WWW. Both
routers clearly tell me what its "external" address is . eg that it has been asigned automatically by 1.