Im trying to have two routers both doing their own dhcp, to create two
separate networks on a small network.
eg Cable modem --> Router<-->Router<-
I'm following the instructions of : TWO ROUTER SETUP
I have included the instructions at the bottom of this post for

I have two routers. One is Netgear using its own software
the other is Linksys using tomato 1.23 software. default is

I plug the first routers (netgear) lan cable into the wan port on the
tomato. Then I plug a computer into the lan port on the tomato.
Everything seems to work. I can surf the net. Even look at the 0.1
router and 1.1 routers web interface.
The tomato is using the automatic ip address of .
The Netgear automatically seems to give the Tomato an ip of, great. The tomato shows that the router has
been set up as a vlan1, mm cute.

But here is the thing. When I change the tomato router to use the Lan
router address of and the ip range address to say -, save and restart router. I cant surf the
net with the computer. I cant connect to the router via the new
address it just all falls apart. I try to repair the network
connection of course but it basicaly says it cant be done.
It appears to me that if the tomato router is it will work
but if I change it to 2.1 it will not.
Any suggestions?


Configure the second router in gateway/NAT mode and connect the
internet/WAN port of the router to a LAN port of the first router. In
this case it is important to use a different subnet on the second
router then the first router. If the first router uses addresses
192.168.1.* with subnet mask the second router must be
outside of this subnet, e.g. it could be with subnet mask Make sure to enable the DHCP server on the second
router unless you only want to use static IP addresses in your LAN. If
you need port forwarding from the internet to the LAN of the second
router, you have to configure the same forwardings on the first router
as well. You forward first from the first router to the second and
then from the second into the LAN.