Hello. I play Counter-strike and i got a little problem i would like to get help.
When i play cs most time it works good but sometimes (it can happend anytime) cs just stop. You know when you press Ctrl+alt+delete you get to the menu where you can shutdown program and you can see what programs are running. When cs stop i go there (Ctrl+alt+delete) and it says dont answering(that the program have stopped/lagged). Then i go into cs again and it works just fine. But after a while this can happend again.. and again.. and again..

Do anyone know whats making this problem? How can i fix it.

Ive tried to fix registry with Ccleaner. Ive searched the comp with spybot, ad-aware and norton 2009.
I got windows xp professional sp3, AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual core 4800+, 2GB ram and Nvidia geforce 8600gt.
Telia 8/1mbit