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Thread: My computer just stop when i play..

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    My computer just stop when i play..

    Hello. I play Counter-strike and i got a little problem i would like to get help.
    When i play cs most time it works good but sometimes (it can happend anytime) cs just stop. You know when you press Ctrl+alt+delete you get to the menu where you can shutdown program and you can see what programs are running. When cs stop i go there (Ctrl+alt+delete) and it says dont answering(that the program have stopped/lagged). Then i go into cs again and it works just fine. But after a while this can happend again.. and again.. and again..

    Do anyone know whats making this problem? How can i fix it.

    Ive tried to fix registry with Ccleaner. Ive searched the comp with spybot, ad-aware and norton 2009.
    I got windows xp professional sp3, AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual core 4800+, 2GB ram and Nvidia geforce 8600gt.
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    Try updating video drivers
    If you're overclocking try dropping back down to default speeds
    Install latest motherboard drivers, sound drivers, and drivers for your network card
    Is your RAM approved and compatible for your motherboard?
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    I checked my comp with MSI live update and its says everything is up to date.
    I got latests Nvidia driver for my graphic card.
    And yes my RAM is compatible for my motherboard. I bought this comp as a package and this problem accured maybe a month ago and ive had the comp 1year

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    I have now downloaded all updates to my comp with Radarsync 2009 and i also found the right network card driver. But i need help to install it. Ive tried but i cant get it to work.
    So maybe someone could help me by go into my comp through msn?

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    Hm My internet have been a bit wierd since i installed the updates.. Can the Network card driver change anything that make my internet working worse in someway?

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    I had the same problem years ago turned out to be some peice of spyware. Took me a few weeks to find it but eventully found it and removed it and everything was back to normal. You could try reinstalling CS from scratch also.
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