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Thread: Verizon Dsl Issue (Not getting what i am paying for?)

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    Exclamation Verizon Dsl Issue (Not getting what i am paying for?)

    I have been paying for Verizon's DSL 3.0 mbps plan. Now i am not sure if this is normal with dsl but I am only getting at best half of that speed, 1.5 mbps.
    Now I called Verizon and the guy said that my speed going up was at 3mbps but on the way down was 1.5mbps or something like that. I am still learning when it comes to this so someone explain to me what this means. Is there a special test i am supposed to do to get these figures or what.

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    if you go to what speeds do you get?

    If your get 1.5 megs, it's possible that does not what you under the 3.0 mb tier. The other possibility could be the quality of the phone lines from your house to the central office. This happened to my Dad.. if that is the case, save some money and get the 1.5 mb package.
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