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Thread: Hardware Error during Ping

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    Hardware Error during Ping


    Im configuring Siemens SCADA WinCC V6.2 SP2 Server (Windows Server 2003 R2) for fault tolerant system. The Server PC has two Siemens network cards CP1613 for redundancy to communicate with PLC. The configuration is working as expected in the plant bus side. I have one client PC (WinXP SP2) for the server. In the terminal bus (PC network) side Im using the onboard Ethernet port to connect to the client PC and Server PC. Both Server & Client are Dell Optiplex 755 desktop PC.

    When Im pinging the client PC IP address from Server PC it is showing "Hardware Error". From the client PC I can able to ping the Server PC IP. Some times it is reverse also. I have uninstalled & reinstalled the driver of the onboard Intel 82566DM network card. After that I can able to ping from either side. But it is not consistent. After reboot again Im getting the Hardware error during pinging.

    I wanted to know whether the CP1613 is conflicting with the LAN card? Any settings to be done for the LAN card? In the device manager I could see both CP1613 & Intel card are under Network adapter category.


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    Try replacing the cable if the new cable doesn't help then replace the network card.
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    are you using the over priced Siemens metallic cat 5 cables? Does not matter .. just wondering.

    What kind of PLC is it? Step 7?

    Does the siemesn software support nic teaming .. (does each nic on the "server" have its own ip .. or is it sharing a virtual ip?) You cant just throw two nics in a pc, give them botrh the same ip (or even differant ips) and toss them on the same subnet and expect them to be redundent. It has to be a virutal adapter / virtual ip.

    Generaly hardware error on a ping means that the cable is unpluged or disabled.

    perhaps the server is sending the data out the wrong card.

    When the client pings the server what ip is it pinging? if it works, see what lan card that ip is asigned to (ipconfig /all) then from the client ping the other ip .. see if you get a hardware error.

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