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Thread: Windows User Account Security

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    Arrow Windows User Account Security

    actually guys , i found this one really interesting video , just to show u how microsoft windows xp LAN security is ******** lol , check it ou <-- enjoy

    its really interesting for real , dunno if the same is for vista/7 also or not ? have anybody experienced same security issue ?

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    That's nothing to do with "LAN security"'s just local NTFS permissions. Similar to "taking ownership". This hasn't changed in years, most people that work with computers know this. Say a hard drive went belly up, Windows doesn't boot'd want to get your files back right?

    This is all done under an account with local Administrator privs. If you don't want that 3rd person using the computer to gain access, don't give them admin privs.
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    That is why you encrypt the HD. Even if you take it to another computer the files are still locked down.

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