Hollywood trying to sneak packet inspection into stimulus bill

by Lee Mathews Feb 11th 2009
As reported earlier today on Public Knowledge, Congress passed the broadband stimulus package without an amendment proposed to allow deep packet inspection to catch, among other things, copyright violators.

The amendment, which was put forth by Senator Feinstein from California, would allow ISPs to exercise "reasonable network management," to keep tabs on what you're downloading. While the possibility of deterring more serious crimes like child pornography sounds like a good thing, it could also mean that we can kiss most of our online privacy goodbye.

Why? To separate good downloaders from bad, ISPs would have to inspect all traffic. Do you really want your activities online subject to that kind of scrutiny without any probable cause?

The worst part of this: even though the bill passed without being amended, Senator Feinstein and Hollywood lobbyists are now trying feverishly to get the language added in conference - where the "network management" stipulations could still be added.

Keep an eye on Public Knowledge's updates to see how things stand, and do your part. Contact your congressperson and let them know where you stand.