Hi i got i strange problem and would be very happy if someone had any ideas what i could do.

The problem is that before i was on vacation i had low ping in Counter-strike. When i clicked up the find server list there was servers that i have ping 5-40 on. There are 1 special server i always compare to www.countersnakes.se. Before my vacation i had 18 ping on that server. When i got home and played i had 35-40 and in find server list i could just get up servers with lowest 30ping. I scanned my computer with spybot, ad-aware and norton 2009(i have also tried Nod32, avast and AVG) and used CCleaner. Nothing wrong with my computer so after a week my friend told me to reboot the router/modem (Thomsom TG787) and so i did. After that the ping was back to the old perfect ping in like a week and then it went back to this horrible ping. Now ive had it like this in 5 weeks and its quite annoying because i got alot choke and los.

Ive talked to the Telia support but they dont have a clue (I have 8mbit adsl from Telia).

I hope someone got a clue but thx anyway.