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Thread: Wierd internet :S?

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    Wierd internet :S?

    Hi i got i strange problem and would be very happy if someone had any ideas what i could do.

    The problem is that before i was on vacation i had low ping in Counter-strike. When i clicked up the find server list there was servers that i have ping 5-40 on. There are 1 special server i always compare to Before my vacation i had 18 ping on that server. When i got home and played i had 35-40 and in find server list i could just get up servers with lowest 30ping. I scanned my computer with spybot, ad-aware and norton 2009(i have also tried Nod32, avast and AVG) and used CCleaner. Nothing wrong with my computer so after a week my friend told me to reboot the router/modem (Thomsom TG787) and so i did. After that the ping was back to the old perfect ping in like a week and then it went back to this horrible ping. Now ive had it like this in 5 weeks and its quite annoying because i got alot choke and los.

    Ive talked to the Telia support but they dont have a clue (I have 8mbit adsl from Telia).

    I hope someone got a clue but thx anyway.

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    Have you started doing a lot of torrents recently that could be bogging down the router?

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    Hehe no. During the time ive tried the internet i closed every internet program, even MSN. I also turned my sister computer off.

    But the most strange thing (forgot to mention it before) that my internet are still as fast as before. Its just my cs ping that have got higher.

    My download speed are around 7.40 and upload 0.76. MS 11 sometimes 26.
    Before the vacation my internet was the same maybe a little different. Like 7.60/0.76 and always 9-12 ms.

    I dont use wireless.

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    Pings tend to vary more than connection speeds.

    The route could have changed or they could have changed something on the server or who knows. Doesn't sound like an issue anywhere though.

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    Hm.. ping can change on a server but in hole cs? on all servers?
    Well its an issue for me. It affects my gamin very much. Because i get both choke, los and higher ping.

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    I dont know but maybe it have something to do with when im going into a server it download things. Sound effect and such things. But when it downlaod it suddenly stop download and nothing happend. Then i need to close and when i try to join the server against. It start download the same things against but this time i also download the thing i downloaded last time but then stop on the next thing. :S I hope you understand what i mean even if i have bad english.

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