And yes, I read in another thread that it takes screenshots when you hit the home button, and no, I don't like that, but it's not going to catch me doing anything illegal, so it's not enough to make me not want my phone. I do hope they fix it though, because it IS an invasion of privacy I think.

Other than that though... I LOVE this phone. The GPS is so cool - the boy and I were out in a strange part of Oakland and got a bit lost - the GPS fixed that, and we could even pull up a satellite pic of where we were. It was awesome, frankly.

I've already downloaded quite a lot of apps, both free and paid, including Facebook, Twitter, Touch Hockey, Whiteboard, Tetris, Camera Bag, The Weather Channel, and more. I love the browser, turn the phone sideways and I can read most websites without resizing.

Complaints: you cant set custom tones for your texts/emails/alarm. Why not? Apple has the nerve to charge a buck for each ringtone, and you dont even get the song with that - but then they dont allow those tones to be used for anything but a ringtone? Why not? Wouldn't it make sense to allow it, so ppl would buy more tones for the different uses? I don't buy tones anymore cos I found a workaround to make my own for free, but I wish I could set custom tones for texts and email.

No video recording. All that space on the hard drive, and I can't take video?

Can't delete/save individual texts. Why not?

all in all though, I love it, and wouldn't want any other phone.

Who else has one?