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Thread: Computer just out of no where shuts down

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    Post Computer just out of no where shuts down

    Ive been having a problem since 3 days ago. I installed Tweak-ME (says for windows 98 too) and I used it, but I dont think anything I changed woulf affect. Anyways, Ill be surfing the web, or whatever and the computer will just shutdown! The power cable isnt loose or anything, it just shuts down!

    Any ideas?
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    Hi HalfLifer

    if it just started after the install, then it probably is causing a problem somewhere in the system.

    i would uninstall and reboot it and see if that fixes the problem. if so you know that it's related.

    then try to re install, which may resolve it.

    there is the new tweak ui for me here with some explanation on bugs etc.

    might be worth a shot.

    possibly someone else has an answer for you

    good luck

    regards minir

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    if what minir said doesn't work (unistalling the program and see if that stops it). if not, I had the same problem as you, and I found out that it was because my cpu was overheating. I found out because I installed CPUIdle and it stopped. I would suggest getting cpuidle and see if that solves your problem (although turn it off overnight to cool it down in the first place, that way it will start with a cool cpu)


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