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Thread: What is the Best MMORPG for u .. ?

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    Wink What is the Best MMORPG for u .. ?

    i've been experiencing MMORPGs for like 5 or 6 years now ... been playing Anarchy Online most of the time -been very good at it till it became over powered and very difficult to play and "twink" ur items and many other difficulties not to mention here :s -, WOW , SilkRoad Online , Shaiya , Perfect World ...

    i just wanna know , from any of u guys , who's been playing MMOs also ...
    what is the best MMORPG u ever played ? for how long ,,? and what is the most interesting feature in it ?

    waiting ur replies guys ...

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    There are quite a few features, I like the pvp, fatality, stunning graphics, incoming DX10 next patch, Ymir pass, end game raiding, sieges just to name a few.
    We have been able to put down every single tier 1 boss last week (kilikki, vistrix and yahkmar) it was awesome.

    Been playing almost every single mmorpg and this one is stunning.The darkfall reviews are not good at all.

    My first one was UO, city of heroes, everquest, ao, shadowbane, lotro, wow, guild wars, warhammer online and bunch of others.

    I player UO for 7 years.the rest of them few months and some of them just a few weeks.Started playing AOC since release, it had it's ups and downs but now funcom is aiming very high and if they are going to include all the features they promised in the upcoming patch it will be massive.
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    i played FFXI for 4 years. cant do it anymore.

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    I played maplestory when I was like 10 rofl, it was fun then but now its gay. If I'm ever going to play an MMO again it will be Age of Conan, and I'm waiting for that to come out on the 360 because my computer can't handle it.

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    I played wow for 2years way back win

    and diablo2 but it isnt a mmorpg

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