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Thread: How to tweak broadband to improve MagicJack voice quality?

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    How to tweak broadband to improve MagicJack voice quality?

    I live in Toronto, Canada, and I use the MagicJack to call my relatives in the Philippines, who also own a MagicJack. The voice quality is great most of the time but when it gets to their peak hours, the quality gets choppy.

    I use Rogers Internet, 10Mbps. My relatives in the Philippines uses SmartBro with a subscribed speed of only 384Kbps. When it gets "choppy", it's only on my end, I can hardly understand anything. But on their end, there's no choppiness, they can hear me loud and clear.

    I also noticed that when everything is good, their speedtest result is around the 300's for download and 200's for upload. But during THEIR peak hours when it gets choppy, their download/upload drops down to the low 100's Kbps. My download/upload speed averages around 8000's/500's.

    By the way, they are also using a router running two laptops (wired).

    I would appreciate any help and suggestion to fix the problem. Thanks!

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    If it's peak hours there relly isn't much you could do maybe ask if the proivders can put you on a different node ,or ask if there is anything on pole/node that could level you out durring the peak...
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