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Thread: Joystick and wheel conflict

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    Question Joystick and wheel conflict

    Background; Running Win98,64Meg, AMD K6/2-266.

    Have Nascar Racing 3 installed. I have a Micro$oft Precision Pro Joystick in the gameport and a Nascar Digital Pro Racing wheel(USB). If I set up the Joystick as controller ID 1 the Nascar game(or any other) won't see the wheel. If I set up the wheel as ID 1 then NOTHING (not even win98) see the joystick.
    Does anyone know, or have, anything about this problem?

    My sons computer: Is there a splitter for multiple joysticks? I've tried the QuickShot j-Link turbo but that didn't work. It also has the same problem with identifying multiple devices.

    any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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    You probably have a registry enumeration conflict. You need to edit the registry and delete all the MSoft sidewinder keys in safe mode clean boot, as well as the sofware for each device while they are unplugged. Always remember the gameport enumerates 1st, but the USB device should do well in the #2 slot. Doing this is a fairly hard job, but as a Msoft tech support, we did it daily.


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