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Thread: Tweaking RWIN, MTU For Online Gaming?

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    Tweaking RWIN, MTU For Online Gaming?


    my engl. sux i know, but dont blame me 4 that! Does it have any effects to tweak rwin and mtu for online gaming, or is that a placebo ?


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    Doesn't really affect online gaming.

    MTU is something that is either correct, or incorrect..there's no tweaking sort of speak. 1500 for cable and bridged DSL, 1492 for PPPoE DSL.

    Best things for online gaming....
    *Healthy running computer
    *Low system impact antivirus
    *Performance oriented router....
    *If sharing the internet with other computers....QoS services
    *System that is spec'd within recommended specs for your specific game (CPU/RAM/Video)
    *Quality ISP...not all ISPs are equal
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    Hey guys,

    I'm playing bf2 online and I've some "minilaggs". I hope u understand what I mean... I try to explain it:
    It feels like low FPS but that isnt my problem. Immediately after connection the server all models r lagging. Nobody is walking "liquidly", me too.

    Then i changed my MTU (just 4 fun) to 95.488 (no joke) and the prob. is went away. okay sometimes the games laggs and i wanna know how i can tweak that.

    That cant be with a GTX280, 8Gb RAm, q6600 @ 3Ghz

    Any ideas??

    Thanks a lot

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    would u just explain more about ur connection ,,, maybe its just a connection problem no more! , or its just a server lag (server problem , not yours!)

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