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Thread: overclocking PII 350

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    Question overclocking PII 350

    ok, i have a pII 350 w/ 64mb RAM, a sound blaster PCI 128, a Creative Annihilator sdr, 6GB HD, 40x cd-rom, 4x4x32x burner, a 3com ethernet card, a 56k modem, and i think that's about it.

    my abit motherboard has this soft menu thing that lets me overclock really easily, so i changed it to 3.5x112 to get 392. it's been running fine under these settings, but i want to make it go faster. can anyone recommend to me a safe setting that won't burn up my computer? mostly i'm concerned because the system only has one fan and i think the video card runs pretty hot since it has its own fan too, and i don't want any short circuits or overheating.

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    actually, that's about it.

    i have about the same setup (but an ASUS mobo). from all the research that i have done, the popular consensus is that 3.5x112 is about the furthest you can go without
    a) using better cooling methods
    b) risk damaging your cpu/mobo without a)
    c) running into dicey pci problems with your other cards

    from the people i've talked to, you would want to invest in thermal paste, a better heat sink/fan, yadda-yadda, if you want to go any higher.

    i couldn't be bothered with all the hassle. i'd rather just improve other components and replace my chip down the line.

    just my $0.02 worth.


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    Have 350 also, having been running
    124fsb since March 99 with no additional
    This gives me 434 speed,
    soft bios setting are 124fsb ,31 pc1.
    using cheap spaceshuttle 661p MB


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