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Thread: Unique Car thread

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    Actually its the Vantage with a body kit.

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    Buick GNX ,ONLY 547 were made (my favorite dream car)

    Circa 1987, the Buick GNX was GM's fastest production sedan ever and remains among Detroit's quickest and most collectible vehicles of all time. It was created to commemorate the final production run of the Buick Grand National. It's a little bolder in appearance and it has considerable mechanical improvements. 1987 was the only production year and 547 were made, all optioned identically with a serialized plaque on the dash

    In a collaboration between Buick and ASC/McLaren, Grand Nationals were assembled at the Buick assembly line and brought to ASC for the conversion. The 547 were allocated to dealerships based on their previous sales. The word was out that the GNX was even faster than the Grand National so dealerships enjoyed marking them up well above their sticker price of $29,290. Some famous customers were Burt Reynolds, Reggie Jackson, and Charles Schwab.

    Since everyone knew the GNX was a collector car, a sizeable share were purchased on speculation. Many are still "on the lam" in garages across the country with almost no miles on them. Others were treated like any daily driver, built into track cars, or even wrecked. No idea how many are left, but you probably won't encounter one outside a car show.

    remember is not a Grand ational, is a Buick Grand National GNX

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