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Thread: just a question that no one have ever ask yet...

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    just a question that no one have ever ask yet...

    umm i have a question in mind that bugs me about dsl or any internet connection. my first question though is dat, whenever u download something, and ofcourse if there's anything u download, u see a transfer rate in ur browser right? iv been thinking, most of the time my download rate, goes up like 120 kb/s , then goes down again to 60 kb/s, then up again to 120 kb/s, is there anyway that i could improve this thing? like lets say the download rate goes 120 then down to 100 then up 120, not like 60 kb - 120kb , coz it kinda annoys me, or is there something rong if that is the case???

    my second question is that, what is the difference between full duplex and half duplex? i know there is a documentation here about that but i cant really understand. can anybody explain it to me in simple terms?? thanks in advance guys..

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    You can tweak your PC..clean out any malware, run the SG TCP Optimizer.
    Are you connected using wire, or wireless?
    Any other PCs sharing your connection?
    Factors such as above can cause your download speeds to fluctuate. Also, other people downloading from the same server you are, can affect the rate.

    1/2 duplex...has to wait for traffic to complete one day before the next packet goes. Basically one at a time for either direction..send has to wait til it's sent, then receive waits til it receives, then send, etc. Basically only one direction at a time. Like a 1 lane road that has to let traffic go in both directions.
    Full duplex.send and receive can go at the same time. Like a 2 lane road, it can let traffic flow in both directions at once.
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