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Thread: Help finding a solution

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    Help finding a solution

    I have a Dlink 615 wireless router, shared by 2 computers. 1 connected by LAN cable (Myself) and the other connected by wireless (House mate).

    I play online games such as Counter Strike Source. But when he download torrents, my ping spikes and causes massive lags.

    How do I solve this? I heard of QOS router that might help. And I looked at DLINK 655. Was wondering how well does this QOS feature works? Does it really prioritize my gaming if I set number 1 prioritized?

    I am afraid that the QOS feature only applies to WIRELESS, as I am connected with Ethernet LAN cable.

    Please help guys!!


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    In the router, block the ports that his torrent client uses!
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    QOS works on all traffic. but you should really tell him to throttle down his torrents. if your going half on the bill. then you should get half the bandwidth. if the speed is not limited. torrents will hog any and all bandwidth you have. Just blocking the port probably wont help as a lot of torrent programs us a random port on start up and upnp to map it.

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