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Thread: Easy OC'ing of Niviea Cards

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    Easy OC'ing of Niviea Cards

    I went to http://www.evga/precision and downloaded their precision tuning program. You have to be a member which just causes you to create an account with them.

    I installed it on my 4 pc's that are running evga 8800 GTS cards on them and easily as pushing a couple of keys on the keyboard moved the fan speed to 100% which brough my GPU temps down from the mid to upper 80s into the 75-80 range. An average 8 degree drop. Which must be better.

    I raised the core clock speeds to 600 mhz from anywhere from 535-550 that they were before and the memory clock from 700-800 up to 1,000.

    Will post later today on what effect it has on my ppd.

    Fold on


    Edit: Ok, It's been about 12 hours so far and over all the increase is only about 60 PPD as least so far.
    Edit: Alright, after 24 hours the PPD shows around a 1,800 PPD increase. Not sure it's from the OC'ing or not or just different projects, BUT it's there.
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