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Thread: Copy/edit multiple ini files

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    Copy/edit multiple ini files

    Is there a way using scripting or cmd to copy an ini file to a new location and edit it internally to change certain values?

    Essentially I need to copy a base INI file for multiple users in different folders, then internally change the username in the INI file. This needs to happen multiple times and would like to automate it.


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    What are you trying to do exactly and why?
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    the software that is running requires each user to have an environmental variable loaded at login. It references to C:\Personal\%username%\X.ini. In the ini, certain fields need to be changed such as a folder path and username, but they are all based off of a default ini.

    What i want to do is create a batch file or script something to either read in the usernames from a txt or input them as it runs to create the folders and copy the ini editing a few lines within it.

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