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Thread: reseted xp now I can't find network connection!

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    reseted xp now I can't find network connection!

    I deleted everything off of my computer using the windows xp disk when it asked me to delete the partitions and reinstalled xp. everything worked out great and the computer came out like new agian. But for some reason when we try and go to connect to the internet i cant seem to connect or find the network connectionthat u click on to find a connection. can anyone tell me how to fix this issue?

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    In the Network Connections window you should see a dialog pane to your left. One will say "Make new Connection". If you click that it will run the network connection wizard which will allow you to re-setup your connection.

    Now there are some caveats to what I just said given that if you have any sort of LAN card in your system it should already be showing up there. But I'm assuming that you have some sort of dial-up or PPP connection that you need to redo though the wizard.

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