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Thread: Need advice regarding online Networking classes

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    Need advice regarding online Networking classes

    I'm looking to take some Networking courses and found some online classes through a local college in the area. I've never taken online classes before and don't know what to expect. Any advice for a beginner w/ online classes vs on campus classes? Would online be OK for Networking courses? Any feedback would be appreciated...

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    IMO attending class and labs gives much more experience due to "hands on" and dialog in the class.

    "Local college"...not close enough to drive to? I remember driving over an hour each way for my first few computer cert courses.
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    Well, one of the only reasons I'm considering taking online classes is because I'm using public transport at the moment and it would be very convenient for me this way. I'm just concerned that I won't get as much out of online vs campus classes.

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