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Thread: Anyone utilizing SMP for folding?

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    Anyone utilizing SMP for folding?

    I am considering reentering the fold. My dual, quad core opteron system is bored. There is a SMP version of the folding program, is it any easier to use. 8 instances would be a bit cumbersome.... Also suggestions for flag sets on an eight core system.


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    i use it but it has gotten very buggy the last year or so, from what i have read it runs better in linux than windows.

    alot of people run virtual machines of linux from windows and like itm i tried that but was kinda a hassle for my needs.

    the big new thing is GPU work units, i haven't done that so far but it is a major points puller from all accounts.

    i would think 2 instances of SMP in different folders and use the SMP flag on each one to make sure it uses 4 cores.
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    I found that when I added the GPU client I lost stability in the SMP client. My card died and when I went back to just SMP it became stable again.

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