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Thread: overclocking a Cyrix 6x86 366 running at 250 mhz

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    Lightbulb overclocking a Cyrix 6x86 366 running at 250 mhz

    Well i was kinna excited to get my new computer, until I found out that the Cyrix 6x86 366 runs at 250 mhz, somewhat of a dissapointment. I was wondering if there is any way to overclock this thing, the computer I have is a compaq presario 5304 and i don't really know what kind of motherboard i have, if there is a way to overclock this baby i'd like to hear about it. Thanks!

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    My experience with Cyrix is that they are not overclock friendly. They have issues with adequate heat disipation. I would find out all about your MOBO before attempting an overclock. Make sure you have a good copper heatsink with an adhesive gel to conduct heat from the chip to the heatsink. Put a fan on the heat sink to aid heat removal.

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