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Thread: Cannot login to router on lan

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    Cannot login to router on lan


    I can not login to router in my office lan from my computer. While I can login from other computers in the network but when I put the address of router in address bar, it says

    "Incorrect Login

    Username or Password is incorrect.
    Please refer to the troubleshooting below:

    Is the "Caps Lock" enabled on your keyboard?
    The username and password must be lowercase, please ensure that the "Caps Lock" LED is disabled on your keyboard and try again.

    Forgot your username or password?
    Please reset the device to the factory default settings if you have forgotten your username or password. The default username and password are both set as "admin".
    Note: The settings will be restored to factory default after the resetting.

    How to restore the device to the factory default settings?
    Firstly locate the reset button on the rear panel of the unit, whilst the device is powered on press and hold the reset button for more than 5 seconds, the device will then reboot and restore itself to the factory default settings."

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    Try clearing your cache, or if you're using an alternative browser, a different browser, or IE. If your browser has the "saved passwords" feature enabled...clear that specific one.
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