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Thread: WiFi Problem

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    WiFi Problem

    i have a wireless network setup in my house and i added a new computer to it but now they cant connect to the router if they are both on does anyone have any suggestions on how i could fix this? the computers are running windows xp pro. one has a netgear wg111t usb adapter and the other has a ENCORE ENLWI-G pci adapter here are links
    and i am using this router
    on a side note i also have two laptops that will connect a floor below while the other computers are on onle laptop has vista and one xp and i never run the laptops at the same time in case you where wondering

    Thanks in advanced
    Steve Ellis

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    sir try to install your MOBO driver to fix your WIFI...

    I mean your board driver...

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    thanks for replying but the problem is that the wifi doesnt work when the two computers are trying to connect at the same time. so if i disable one wifi adapter the other will pick up signal.

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    Is TCP/IP on each PC set to obtain auto?

    The router should allow up to 253 computers to connect to it...
    Log into the web admin and ensure the DHCP service has enough room for the IPs to hand out.
    What error does the PC that cannot connect give?
    Latest firmware on the router? Run through my wireless tips stickied at the top of the wireless forum.
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