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Thread: Is Charter phone service compatible with Verizon dsl

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    Is Charter phone service compatible with Verizon dsl

    A friend recently had the Charter phone and cable TV package installed in his home. He had previously used Verizon for both phone and internet. Charter said that there would be no problems sticking with Verizon broadband for internet service with their phone service, but of course, after installing the Charter phone my friends Verizon Westell modem could no longer find a DSL connection. After frequent and lengthy calls to both Charter and Verizon neither company could find a problem. The phone line connection to the modem is good and all the usual tricks were tried. Is Charters phone modem just not communicating with the Verizon DSL modem correctly? Does anyone have any ideas? I am typing this because my friend does not currently have internet access.^_^ Thanks.

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    There would be a promblem since charter is a cable company the cable modem itself will give you the voice signal along with the date. With the dsl the phone doesn't need a modem it just needs a line ,and a phone.

    I would just stick with one or the other if you buddling it's cheaper and less phone calls

    The only way i could see the the dsl/and charter working is if you had the dsl on a seperate line.

    I don't think there is anyother way of doing it could be ,but i'm not sure.
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