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    Question Security

    I browsed the web gathered info.,stared setting up my home wireless network,and lo and behold I lost everything?Sat here and regained my connection.I do not believe we have security?

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    Do you have a firewall or router and/or security setting (such as a password) running?
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    Once you setup WEP/WPA/WPA2(best choice) you need to change the configuration on your pc with with wireless card to match it.

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    Primary security issue

    Privacy - making sure that no one can watch your communications. Without this, anyone any the vicinity of the building can watch everything you do on a wireless network. This will let them steal your passwords and look at everything you are doing.
    Access - making sure that only authorized people can use the wireless network. Without proper access control anyone in the vicinity of the building can use the wireless network, and thus get access to RUnet.

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