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Thread: Windows Server 2003 Remote Access Problem

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    Windows Server 2003 Remote Access Problem

    I have a WinSBS2003 network, and I'm trying to configure a laptop for for remote access into:

    1. Remote Web Workplace
    2. OWA - Outlook Web Access

    I'm not able to login from a laptop via the FQDN (, which it the URL to get me into the network. I've read where I must call my ISP and have them point the "A" record toward my server IP. Can anyone help me to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance.


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    Is there a router in between your server/network, and the internet? Is that router running NAT? Did you open/forward ports 443 and 4125 to the LAN IP of your SBS box?

    Whoever manages your DNS will have to create a record pointing to the IP that your router gets from the ISP. Hopefully this is a static IP business level account.

    What I usually do for my clients SBS setups....say the name of their business is "", I'll make the servers active directory "speedguide.local". Now the WAN IP address that the router at the office gets is, for example, I'll make several DNS records pointing to that IP. Such as "office", "mymail", "vpn". So that "" will point your browser to

    In the meantime, you can still test it, and get functionality, but typing into your browser from home.

    (You'd be substituting with the actual WAN IP of your office network)
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    Win Server 2003 Remote Access Problem

    Thanks. I've figured this one out. Now if I can re-connect to the internet, I'll be smokin' (lol).

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