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Thread: Celeron 300 at 450

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    Celeron 300 at 450

    For what it's worth I have a Celeron 300 running at rock solid at 450MHz. It's in an Abit BX6/r2 mother board.

    I think I got lucky. I had not planned on overclocking but rather I wanted a stable computer. But I couldn't resist so I bumped the settings up and have not had a problem. I didn't even have to bump up the voltage, I'm running at 2.0)

    I did put an extra case fan in it and the Glacer 4500 (4 fans in a Celeron sandwich) but I'm thinking that was overkill.


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    The Analog Kid
    dbower, who makes the Glacer 4500 and how much did you purchase it for? Did you use thermal glue with it? Also, did you have any trouble getting it to fit with your CPU and in your case? The thing looks huge. Noisy? I have a Celeron 333 with the standard CPU fan/heatsink, and I've been able to modestly overclock STABLY to 375Mhz by kicking the bus speed up to 75Mhz. I can't go beyond that, but I figure with the proper cooling I can make 415Mhz or maybe even 500Mhz. I've got a HD cooling kit, a front intake, and the rear exhaust, so I think I'm ventilated enough.

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    Hi Guys
    I have three slot 1 celeys running fine so far, two at 504, and one at 464(turbo mode). I have one more that I purchased as a spare that I don't think I'll need. Think I will just sell it. I bought all Retails, back around xmas. All have SL32A which identifies it as a boxed/retail model. Burning the last one in now, see what it will do.I picked up a 3 1/2" dia 120 volt mini-table fan. Been checking out the last chip and its running 34C system and 33C cpu. Bought an Alpha125 but haven't even put it together. The mini fan is bitchin it hangs completly inside my cse(Addtronics mid tower) 1" away from the celery.')

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    How did you get that celery to run at 504? I have the BH6 with the 300 running at 450, 2.20v. If you have any ideas, please give all settings.

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    Hi Superfsh,
    It was a real cool running one to begin with, the settings are the same as for 4.5 x 100, only it's 4.5 x 112.

    Turbo - Enable/Disable
    External Clk - 100/112
    Sel - High
    AGP - 2/3
    Speed Erroe - Disabled

    Lev 1 Cache - Enabled
    Lev 2 Cache - Disabled
    Lev 2 Cache - Disabled
    Vid Bios - NOT shadowed
    Cas 2/3

    Pre charge control - disabled
    Passive release - enabled
    Delayed transaction -enabled
    Spread spectrum - disabled
    Sys & vid bios - not cached
    Vid ram - not cached
    Disk block transfer mode - off
    DMA disk access -off
    Hard disk PIO mode -

    I do try to get good hardware, I don't know that it specifically helps but it can't hurt. I did buy Enhanced Systems Memory 133mhz RAM. That helped a little, giving it more stability. I had a 4.5 x 100 and it just wouldn't do the 464(Turbo). I got in that new memory and bingo! I'm also running an IBM 7200 rpm drive.


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