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Thread: Production Network Design Questions

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    Production Network Design Questions

    I'm in the midst of quoting a job for a customer. The proposed project will gather information from nine (9) seperate devices and store it into a database. The devices are Programmable Logic Controllers. However, the 9 devices currently existing do not reside on a network of any form: each device is isolated to it's own little "island."

    I will need to create a plant floor network in order to establish a chain of communication to the 9 devices. Currently, each PLC's IP address/subnet/whatever differs wildly from the next. Since each device exists on it's own little island (and each device was actually installed by a different company), the initial assignment of IP's did not take the other devices into consideration.

    Is there a solution I could provide that could handle the different device configurations without having to change them? Could this be performed with a VLAN of sorts?

    Unfortunately, networking is not my forte (I'm more of an engineer/software developer myself), so I'd like an outsiders opinion before proposing any solutions.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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    This is a big undertaking that will require lots of bet is to seek the consult of a company that provides WAN management. You'll most likely need to have a router to router VPN setup to tie the satellite offices together in a wide area network with the central office. Understanding the needs of this software which resides on these devices is also needed.
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