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Thread: Witch firewall would be best to stop hackers

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    Witch firewall would be best to stop hackers

    Hackers can somehow scan my ports so they know witch ones i use how can you stop that?
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    Make only the bare minimum of ports available on the public side.

    Those services which are available via the them as best you can, lock down, keep software updated.
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    I use Zonealarm Pro on my 32bit system and it is really good but, not the best for 64bit.
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    Do you use a router? NAT is a basic firewall in itself.

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    I use the HotBrick LB-2 to block hackers from accessing my network. It's a hardware Firewall with Dual WAN capabilities. If your looking for a home network hardware firewall you should check out the HotBrick 401VPNX2. I've always been a fan of HotBrick, they have great customer service.

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