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Thread: The answer the movie/show question game

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    The answer the movie/show question game

    We've done this before and it works the same way to have some fun...

    The member above you has asked a question about a movie or show and you must answer it..then give your own question.

    You only need to give the movie's name or shows name while asking the question... I'm sure google and other sources are used so no rules against it. Just have fun playing along.

    I'll start first:

    In the 90's show MacGuyver what was his first name as it was givin during at least one ep.

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    how many friday the 13th movies are there? (all i could think of on short notice)
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    11 plus there is one due out in 2009.

    How many women play Catwoman in the original TV series?

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    3 Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, and Eartha Kitt

    Who played "Quark" on the TV show of the same name?

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