so i have recently came across a problem dealing with my connectivity. i just got cable installed at my new apartment. the cable modem i got is a motorola surfboard sb501, which to my knowledge is brand new. he also gave me a netgear wg111v2 wireless adapter, saying i could use this once i got a wireless router

i went for a week or so just using the usb port on the back of the cable modem straight to my computers front usb port, which worked fine, temporally until i got a router.

A few days ago a friend gave me a netgear wgt624 wireless router to use. he just gave me the router, no install cd, or paperwork of any kind. i looked up on the internet how to install it and it basically said to hook up the router to my modem through a ethernet cable into the internet port on the router, then to hook up the router through another ethernet cable into my computers lan card. once it was all said and done, you bring up a internet browser and type in a ip adress that will take you to a netgear setup site. did all this typed in the ip, subnet mask, default gateway, and so on. but when it came time to test the connection, it would always fail. like i stated above, i had NO porblems with connecting to the internet through the usb port on the cable modem. however when i plug up the router to the modem and then the router to my pc with ethernet cables, i don't pick up anything. even when i run a ethernet cable straight from the cable modem to my pc i don't get anything at all. i can even run the cable modem setup disk, which asks me if im using an ethernet cord or a usb cord. if i click the ethernet cord it precedes to set everything up and then finally tests the connection between modem and pc, nothing once again.

i know one thing that many people might suggest is that the lan card which is a Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network card might not be functioning properlly. However i think it is, the light comes on when i plug an ethernet cable into it and when i did plug the router up to my pc, i was able to have a connection between the two. so im thinking that the ethernet port on the modem is shot.

so my question is...
is there a way to install my router without using a ethernet cable. i know that make usb to ethernet cords, but will that work? my cable modem has a usb AND ethernet port, however the router ONLY has ethernet. any suggestions or tips on what i can do to finally get all these cords unplugged and go wireless?