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Thread: long range wifi system "how to"

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    long range wifi system "how to"

    your receiving your connection from a wireless router or wireless internet service provider "wisp", in some states it is against the law to connect to certain unsecure hotspot locations, some broadband providers frown on sharing broadband while others promote it

    items you will need;

    1. 2.4 GHz 24 dbi parabolic grid antenna,you can get one at hyperlink for $60 one important detail is the type of antenna connection your antenna has my bridge antenna has an rpsma connection, if you have the money and want to go to the extreme they have a 30 dbi grid antenna for $425, this antenna is huge about 59 inches in diameter,THE ANTENNA IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR SYSTEM FOR EVERY 6 DBI YOU DOUBLE YOUR RANGE you can reach a few miles in a city or about eighty to a hundred miles with a clear line of site to the wlan" wireless local area network" or in laymens term this is the source of your internet connection for example a wireless hotspot, these grid antennas are very directional but are very effective in focusing the beam to just one area even if there is some trees or other obstructions in the way, the higher you put the antenna the better some of my friends bolted fence poles to the top of the tallest tree with great success

    2. wireless bridge or access point, if you want to go the cheap route get a linksys wrt54g router with third party firmare installed "dd-wrt" this software will turn most routers into a bridge so you will be able to connect to your wlan, one thing to note with my experience with the wrt54g/dd-wrt is not to mess with the transmitting power the noise figure will make any connection barely usable on a long range system i would suggest you leave the power at factory level, you can get one on ebay for $30, i would personally recommend a Buffalo AirStation WHR-G54S this wireless router can used as a bridge by changing the settings on the setup page and if your not technical at all you can get a linksys wet 54g bridge just plug and play

    3. wifi amplifier, the amplifier is really only necessary for transmitting, the grid antenna is very capable of receiving but transmitting long distances through obstructions like trees and etc. you need power from the amp, a lot of people complain about noise amplification this is corrected by using a large antenna with a tunable amp "rflinx" with this amp you can tune out the noise figure by lowering the receiving amplification which cutts down on the amount of noise the amp amplifies to your bridge while not effecting the transmitting amplification, but if you want to go the cheap route and get a none tunable amp the has one for $49 it is capable of 1 watt which is several times more powerful than most wireless routers, one word of caution the fcc has limits on the amount of power and type of antenna, mine is illegal with the amp but i take that chance if you get caught the fines are pretty high, if you cause interference and somebody reports it you will most likely get caught, most interference is caused by very strong amplifiers.. 6 watts or higher will cause interference, fcc limits personal use at one watt "1000mw" if you want to go stronger you will need a license and if your able to purchase something stronger your stepping in fire, i have seen 20+ watt systems selling on ebay...wouldnt recommend it! for example the maximum amount of power legally you could use for any 24 dbi antenna is around 10 to 20mws

    4. ethernet cat 5 or 6 cable to connect your pc to the bridge, i have a 75 foot cable connected to the bridge, i have seen people use 150ft of cable without a problem, you could eliminate the wired connection alltogether with another wireless router just connect your bridge to the wireless router after you have successfully connected to the wlan

    here is basically how it is all connected, pc is connected to the ethernet cable,ethernet cable is connected to the bridge, bridge is connected to the amp, the amp is connected to the antenna. It is simple to setup even for a newbie all you have to do is plug it in unless you have a tunable amplifier these amps are a sinch to set up, setting up a bridge to your pc is the same if not easier than setting up a router to your computer, good luck if you have any questions just reply
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