I was running out of hard drive space so I bought two 1 TB drives to address the situation. A few days before I had an opportunity to install them, I got a blue screen of death in XP (can't tell if it's my other hard drive, or motherboard that is bad).

So I wanted to re-image with my last backup (Oct 4) but I can't go straight into a Hardware RAID because I needed to install the RAID driver in Windows before installing the drives.

1. I guess I could try to load my backup non-RAID on one of the drives, install the driver and re-make an image.

2. I was reading that one con of hardware RAID is that if your motherboard breaks you need to find a Hardware RAID controller of the same version in order to read what is on your disks (or some cute software to read your old RAID image). Anyway, I was just wondering if I should use a Windows software RAID instead of hardware RAID...and what kind of performance hit you take in Windows doing this via software. Also, how well does software RAID work in practice...the theory I've read on it makes it sound bad. In practice hardware RAID doesn't sound as good as advertised.