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Thread: Modem keeps resetting

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    Modem keeps resetting

    Hey all

    Bit of a problem, all of a sudden past few days my modem (Surfboard Sb5100e) has been resetting when doing stuff e.g playing over Xbox Live, downloading.

    I've tried resetting router (Linksys WRT54GSV4), updating firmware (Tomato 1.21), turning on DMZ mode, all my ports are forwarded. I know it's not a virus or spyware because when I'm on Xbox Live my PC is turned off

    So anyone have any suggestions? I'd really appreciate them!

    Here's the stats from the modem's 'Signal' page:

    Frequency - 322750000 Hz Locked
    Signal to Noise Ratio - 34 dB
    Power Level _ -7 dBmV
    Channel ID - 2
    Frequency - 37500000 Hz Ranged
    Power Level - 51 dBmV
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    Can you be sure it's the modem resetting, and not your router resetting?

    You're not DMZ'ing a PC are you?

    All you need for XBox is the following ports open/forwarded to your XBox
    UDP 88
    UDP 3074
    TCP 3074

    So you'll want your XBox to be on a static IP...easily done in DHCP reservations on the router.
    MTU on the router to be set to 1384 for XBox.
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