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Thread: wifi dropout

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    wifi dropout

    hi, everybody, new to this forum, and hoping someone can help me with my problem. I have been using a free AP for the past 8 months or so, i was given a new lease a month or so ago, so no problem there, for the past 2 weeks my wifi keeps dropping out for a split second when i connect, but is then okay, i`m using my wifi now, whether i start firefox or connect to a site from there my signal drops out, then ok, but when i try to play runescape online its a waste of time, as it keeps dropping, thank you for any help in advance.

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    Have you tried updating the firmware on your wireless router/AP?
    Tried changing 1 or 11?
    Tried repositioning your wireless unit to a different location, movin the antennas?

    Basically most of the tips stickied at the top of this wireless forum.
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    thanks for the reply yeoldestonecat, i have tried all of the above, the only thing i remember doing at the time was use comodo registry cleaner, thanks again.

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