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Thread: Markets collapse, elections suspended, martial law declared, Bush stays in office

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    Markets collapse, elections suspended, martial law declared, Bush stays in office

    This recipe just needs one key ingredient, another terrorist attack on our own soil.

    My prediction, Islamic extremists will shove remotely detonated pipe bombs into bank drive thru tubes and once the tube is inside the bank...kaboom.

    My 7-11 has seen alot of young Muslim men buying prepaid cell phones to the point that they are almost sold out. Just an observation after having worked night shift for the past few weeks. Why such men are up at 1am has me baffled.

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    are they ALL Muslim? It gets pretty hard to find them around here around the begging of the month or around major sports events
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    They just bought them to re-sell in mall kiosks, dontchaknow?

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    Don't they know we have no trouble producing home grown terrorists. So much for sleeping tonight.

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    Back when I had any faith in humanity as a whole, I'd have a lot more to say.

    Let's watch and see what the next episode brings!
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    After hearing about that damn directive 51, I almost expect something.

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