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Thread: Dell Dimension 2350 and 2GB of Memory?

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    Dell Dimension 2350 and 2GB of Memory?

    Time to upgrade the memory. It currently has 768MB.

    I have read that the Intel 845GL chip set can accommodate 2GB of memory. Some people have done this. But I have no clue on what brand they bought besides DDR SDRAM PC3200 400Mhz and 1GB sticks.

    Currently I have a PC2100 256MB (OEM) and another PC2100 (PNY) 512MB.

    I was possibly looking for PC3200, 1GB (x2)

    what is the best place to buy memory. Newegg the best?

    Commit charge states my peak at 1.2GB when I run the programs and anything after 650MB my system becomes slow as a snail.

    Now could I upgrade the memory with 2GB and upgrade the processor to a 2.6Ghz P4 400Mhz 478 pin. Its not a gaming machine, just web stuff and office.

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    I always go to
    Memory selection guide so you can select the specific part numbers of RAM and are tested with and compatible with your system. You'll also get info on your system, how much RAM it can handle, memory configuration, etc.
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