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Thread: AT&T Uverse

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    AT&T Uverse

    Does anyone else have this service? I have been using it for a while and I must say that I like some features and others seem to be a little weak. My biggest complaint is the WAP that it comes with. I don't know if it is just me but I find it to be a POS. I had a crappy netgear before and it seemed to do much better than this thing...

    So my question is, does anyone else find this WAP that comes with Uverse to be a POS? If not is there anything I can do to correct mine (aside from a reboot which does no good)?

    My problem with it is that I keep dropping connetion. It is not speed or anything else it is just the connection seems to not be stabil on any of my laptops or wireless desktops.


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    Do you know if there is any firmware upgrades for that wap it might be worth looking into ? Try using manual ips to the computers it may help with the drops. If there is a dhcp lease time in the wap try changing that value to a higher numbe.
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