Is anyone else using a Mac and trying to fold on it? I have followed the instructions for set up on the stanford site and my machine says that FAH is running. However, when I look at the CPU usage it doesn't show anything being used by FAH. I know that a Mac is different than windows and it is possible I am just not reading it right but, that doesn't look very likely.

Anyway that is my big question. If I am running FAH correctly on my macbook. If anyone can help me please do.

On to another thought...

Stanford shows me only having 4 processors in the past 50 days. Well that means I have a lot of machines not currently reporting stats as I have many dual-core or HT machines in the house and at least 7 computers that are on right now.

I really need to get these guys to start pushing the results back up it would see but, anyway, I know I should have at least 11 processors showing up right now...