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Thread: WD HARD DRIVE is being read as LOCAL DRIVE?!?!?!

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    WD HARD DRIVE is being read as LOCAL DRIVE?!?!?!

    Whats up guys,

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a Western Digital External Drive (WDH1CS3200x / WD3200F037) and it was workign fine. I came back home from lunch, opend Premier and started to work on my video trailer i was not finished with. Premier was not able to find the raw video files of my drive.

    So I truned it off (both CPU, and HD), powerd it back on and it was reading the External Drive as "Local Drive: D" instead of "My Book". I clicked on it and it said "You need to format your drive now"... I cant do that bc I have over $10,000 projects saved on there for my clients. I right clicked on the drive went to properties and it shows 0mb used and 0mb free. I also tried to right click and go through "Explore" did not work either.

    Has anyone had this problem?!?!?!?!?!?!/

    Please HELPPPPPPPPP..... Im losing clients every hour bc of this!!!!!!!

    PS - I download Data Recovery software from a company that does recovery for WD and it would not pick it up either..?

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    Its possible the logic board in the external encloser for the drive has gone bad not allowing the drive to read properly or the drive has failed. If its covered under warranty send it back to have them fix it so you don't void the warranty. As for the data..well always have backups of backups in these cases cause you never know when a drive will fail.

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    Sava's probably right, your logic / pcb board on the HD might have failed (which would cause your system to not recognize it). You've got a couple of options though,

    1.) Take the drive out of the enclosure and put it into a desktop machine to see if it can be recognized. If yes, then its the enclosure pcb board that is no good.

    2.) Give it some time to cool off and then start it up again. Sometimes drives overheat and act up. I would recommend downloading WD Tools if you are planning on checking / repairing the drive so that you can recover the data. Goto: and then to the download section

    3.) Take it to a professional for repair / recovery services. With luck, it'll only cost you around $250. If its something serious, expect to pay upto $2000.00.
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